Pregnant Pauses®

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I have been teaching the Pregnant Pauses® lessons to groups of mothers. I have received positive feed-back from them regarding improved movement and reduced symptoms of pubic-symphysis pain, sacro-iliac pain and generally more comfort with walking and moving around.

Pregnant Pauses® is a movement program specifically designed to change the way women experience pregnancy. Participants in the program that have previously reported pain and discomfort find this eases, and they have more energy. They find this improves overall quality of life while helping you adjust to the changes occurring through each stage of your pregnancy. The Pregnant Pauses® program is a series of 6 lessons. By doing small, gentle movements in the class you may be surprised at how easily you’ll be able to do everyday tasks such as rolling over in bed, getting up or down, sleeping, breathing and moving more freely.

The Pregnant Pauses® Program was developed by Feldenkrais Practitioner, Alan Questel from the US, based on his knowledge of the movement needs of women during and after their pregnancies to enable them to move more easily and comfortably.

The classes are suitable for women at any stage of pregnancy, and for mothers on subsequent pregnancies. They are especially suitable for pregnant women experiencing any kind of pain or discomfort in their back, ribs and pelvis.

To find out more about Alan Questel please see this link.

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