Individual Sessions

Functional Integration® (FI), is a one-to-one movement lesson. The Practitioner uses a gentle manual approach as a means of communicating how you currently move and introduces new movement possibilities. These movements will be more comfortable, efficient and useful.

The session begins with discussion between yourself and the Practitioner to determine what your needs are. Each Functional Integration lesson relates to a particular task or movement that the student would like to improve. The teacher creates a learning environment so that the student can learn in safety and comfort. That is why movements are done slowly, and without causing discomfort as this facilitates their learning. Ultimately, the student learns to reorganise their movement in new, more efficient and effective ways so that it feels easier, takes less effort, and is more enjoyable.

The student may lie on a low padded table, and bolsters and padding may be used to assist in gaining comfort, to make a movement easier or lighter, or to clarify a movement. Lessons may also be done in sitting or standing.

The real joy comes when you have a glimpse of, or the sensation of how intimately connected each body part is, and when you have this sense of connection your movement flows more fluidly. You gain a sense of lightness, length, less effort with movement, and even grace. You’ll find yourself smiling, being surprised by how effortless movement can be.

To make an appointment please contact Jenny, especially if you wish to find out more.