In response to the Covid-19 pandemic Infinite Movement began offering live streaming of classes via Zoom from Monday 23/3/20. Going forward, we will continue to offer this service encouraging people to remain connected to their communities and themselves, while keeping up a routine and mindful movement practice from the comfort of your own home.

Since Covid restrictions have lifted somewhat, from Monday June 1st, 2 classes per week will once again be held at the Yoga Moves Studio to complete the Term 2 series, that is, Monday at 9:15am and Thursday at 6pm. The Zoom classes will continue as per the timetable. Please register your interest to return to the Studio classes, so that social distance spacing is ensured.

Please see the timetable and class descriptions below.

Feldenkrais for Beginners is the best place to start if you have never attended a class, or have only tried a few.

The Running lessons will be suitable for experienced runners and beginners, whether you are starting to build up your running program or thinking about it. Experienced runners may gain a sense of improved efficiency, less effort and more coordination with their running. If you have any niggling injuries you will also find these lessons helpful.

The Strength and Balance program will be suitable for those people wishing to begin strength and balance training, as well as anyone with previous experience. 

Calm Relax Move with ease lessons will assist you to discover your tension holding habits, particularly in the jaw, neck, shoulders and abdominal area, and ease them so that you find a sense of being more present, calm, and grounded each day.


This timetable begins from April 27th.

7:30 AM  Running
30 mins
9:00 AMWalking series
60 mins
Feldenkrais for Beginners
60 mins
Strength and Balance
60 mins
Calm Relax Move with ease
60 mins
6:00 PM   Walking series
60 mins

Instructions to use Zoom for free are here. Further assistance can easily be found on the internet by asking google how to set up Zoom on your personal device. There is no fee for you to use Zoom.

When you have made your payment for the class please notify me via email and I will send you the Zoom link. The pricing schedule is outlined below.

$ 23 casual attendance and $21 for concession; 10 Class Pass $180/$160 concession (1 free class pass); 20 Class Pass $340/ $300 concession (2 free class passes); 8 Class Pass $160/$144 concession; 6 Class Pass $108/$96 concession.

If I have not met you in person, please contact me for a discussion. I may need to send you an assessment form so that I am able to provide the best service for you and you receive the most from the class.

As soon as we are able to return to the Studio the timetable will be updated and face-to-face classes will resume. In this event, if you have paid for a number of weeks of on-line classes and you are in credit then this money can either be credit towards the regular classes or your money will be refunded.