Awareness Through Movement® Class Term 4 with Jenny D’Cruz

Exploring fundamental movement


In this series we will continue to explore fundamental movement patterns. It is a simple, yet fundamental pleasure to rediscover the joy of rolling with ease. Moving in a spiral path can lead to more efficient and effortless movement.


When we study the structure of our body, we notice how the muscles are organised in diagonal directions. They spiral around the joints and torso almost wrapping us from head to toe. The anatomical design of the muscles and supporting connective tissue has been described as a double helix. Various movement combinations bring about flexion, extension and rotation.


The spiral organisation creates the potential for power and agility. This is required for many movements starting with fundamental movements like rolling, sitting, and crawling. More complex movement sequences develop for walking, running, climbing, swimming and throwing.

Our ability to learn each and every day is a uniquely human trait and one that is fundamental to the Feldenkrais Method. To look at the world with the innocent and very curious eyes of a youngster does not have to be lost to us as we mature. Humans are at their best when they are curious and open to learn. Indulge your curiosity and join me for this 10-week series of lessons to discover this intriguing spiral movement connection within us and in relation to our environment.


Jenny D’Cruz has been teaching Awareness Through Movement classes since 2015 and has also been educating clients on how to move with more ease and efficiency with her work as a Physiotherapist. Jenny has worked in Community Physiotherapy, tertiary hospitals, and private practice across a variety of areas of health for over 25 years. Please contact Jenny if you have questions, and if you are new to class you will be asked to complete a confidential medical form in order for her to provide best practice.

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