Benefits from attending Awareness Through Movement ® Classes

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Discover how to move with more efficiency

Develop body awareness

Sleep sounder and deeper

Discover how to move with more efficiency

Movement efficiency improves as you learn and identify the moments when you interfere with smooth, coordinated movement, e.g. remember those times when you strike the tennis or golf ball with a sense of great satisfaction, compared to the times when the ball goes nowhere near your intended path, or when your running feels smoother and easier than usual. When you begin to move efficiently, it feels easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable. You might find you cover the same distance either more quickly, or with less effort.

There is less chance that you sustain an injury with more efficient movement. Improved coordination prevents muscles overworking and joint strain. Recovery is likely to be easier as you become better attuned to taking strain off injured muscles and joints. When you are moving easily, you feel more balanced and adaptable to the world around you.

Develop body awareness

What does this mean to you and how might it be of benefit?

The Teacher spends time guiding your attention to sense parts of your body. I refer to this as mapping body parts and highlighting areas on your somatosensory and motor homunculus. You learn or re-discover how one part might move independently from the adjacent part, and how they can move efficiently and congruently together. For example, you may sense that your shoulders hold tension after working at the computer or carrying something heavy, and because you do this task many times each day you develop a habit where the shoulders move upwards quite easily when they don’t really need to. When you become aware of these moments you are then able to find easier movement options.

Many of us move and exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We read and hear of many health benefits from being fit, strong and flexible. This all becomes easier and more pleasurable if our body awareness and movement efficiency are honed. A sense that we move with agility, light on our feet and able to move in any direction at any time relates to this idea of vitality and potency, robustness and resilience.

Sleep sounder and deeper

Interwoven throughout the class, attention is guided to sensing the difference between contracted short muscles and relaxed long muscles. This assists with body awareness and efficient movement and you may find that your rest and sleep become sounder and deeper.

You become more attuned to sensing your body, and the state of tension or relaxation. Studies have shown that sleep is the time our bodies repair, so better sleep better repair. If you are able to rest well, you will play well and live well.

If you are interested in trying an Awareness Through Movement class, please contact me for a free consultation.

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